“Everything you have ever wanted, is sitting on the other side of fear.” – George Addair

Are you able to sense it, when fear is attempting to push you down, beneath it’s dominating and debilitating force? Are you able to sense it, when you are able to let go of fear and you take each step with confidence and certainty of who you are?

Why do so many of us live in fear? What do we truly have to be afraid of? Where does fear live?

Fear feeds off of our thoughts. It wants to consume our attention to keep us from being our most genuine self. Fear, I believe, is something each and every one of us will experience in this life. The only question is, what will do with the experience of fear?

I think, for me, when I feel fear attempting to have influence in my life, I treat it as a call towards something greater. Fear wants us to focus on itself, yet when we recognize fear’s existence yet choose to keep our focus on the freedom, peace and confidence that comes in looking to how we can best serve others we get the attention off of our inward selves that fear tries to attach upon and we replace our attention on the destiny for why we are alive.

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